My first Youtube video, let’s celebrate with fireworks!

I posted my first video ever on Youtube today.

I was getting home when I noticed this in the sky:

This was in a neighboring town which, fortunately, was not very far from mine so I got there relatively quickly and filmed the last few minutes of it with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4).

I was kind of surprised to see this as this was not done on either the eve or the day of a holiday but in between holidays so I am not fully sure exactly what was celebrated.

I was also surprised with how low they launched them and where as usually they launch them over water and much higher than this I believe.

Sorry for the image stability problems, this was filmed with my phone at the end of a long bike ride so my arm and wrist wasn’t as steady as it should have been and I had lowered my phone at the end as I thought the fireworks were finished (but they had kept the best for last)…

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