A very nice find, indoor cycling videos…

I found a very interesting site for those of us who do indoor cycling during the colder months like me.

Instead of looking at the dull display of your exercise bike (or simply in front of you if you are using your regular bicycle with an adapter) you can look at those beautifully done videos:


Early Morning Sunrise


Sunny Fall Day Round Trip


Cycling to Landsberg at Sundown


Breezy Fall Day Cycling


A picture of Mrs Cornelia de Vos
Mrs Cornelia de Vos

Those videos are made by Mrs Cornelia de Vos. She lives in a small German town called Mering.

Mrs de Vos has been practicing indoor fitness for over 15 years now.

She had been wishing to share what she was seeing while she was riding outdoors and was missing that beautiful scenery when she was cycling indoors so she decided to start recording her outdoor rides. She is no stranger to indoor training videos so the transition from using them to making them came naturally to her. The image on these is remarkably steady and truly give you the impression of traveling from one location to another.

Each videos comes in Full HD (1920p x 1080p with an aspect ratio of 16:9), HD (1280p x 720p with an aspect ratio of 16:9), SD (852p x 480p with an aspect ratio of 16:9) and with map of the route taken.

If you do indoor cycling and want to find out more about these videos, please take a look at all she has to offer at Indoor Cycling Videos.

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