I need guidance…

I finally installed my (Garmin) GPS on my bike, KITT (from the original Knight Rider) is now guiding me through the streets!

I bough this adapter to fix it to my handlebar (actually I installed it on the part that holds the handlebar, I will have to look up how it is called).

I chose this one because it could actually be installed there, the usual ones only fit on the smaller parts of the handlebar and I already have plenty of things there…

One of the biggest advantage of using a GPS for me is that I can go to places I am less familiar with knowing I will be able to get back home without problems.

It also makes it easier to limit my rides to the time I have allowed, once I see that the estimated time to get back home is close to the time I need to get back I let the GPS guide me home…

KITT, stop calling me Michael!

(Kidding, it does actually call me by my name, that was an option when I got this voice for my GPS…)

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