About this blog…

I have started this blog to talk about my experiences in cycling, both on the road and in upgrading it, ever since I bought my new bike in 2013.

I am quite technically minded and I love tinkering with stuff and it will most likely show in this blog.

I don’t currently have many tools though and I still lack the know-how (and the time) to do more important modifications to my bike so at first my modifications will be relatively minor but with time I hope they will get gradually more complex.

Please note that some entries of this blog have been backdated to provide missing information but everything I mentioned doing or buying here as actually been done/bought.

Please also note that some links of this blog might contain referral (otherwise known as “affiliate”) links. What this means is that if you follow those links and purchase an item from the places I refer you too I might get a few percent of that sale. Please also note that this is at no additional cost to you, you are already charged the few percents they might give me when you purchase directly from them. This will help me pay my hosting fees…

The last time this page was updated, I had received no money from referring, when this changes (and I notice it) I will remove this line…

Happy reading!


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